How to Handle Difficult Employees?

Recommended Age HR Professionals
Medium of Instruction Cantonese
Class Length 3 hours
Class Size N/A
Class Schedule Videos are available to replay for 1 month.


There bound to be some “difficult” employees in every office. They may be hard to work with or have problems in personality or work attitude. These “difficult” employees are causing problems with team morale or directly on productivity. To handle them not only costs the management considerable time and energy, it is also devastating to the corporate if situation worsen.

This course introduces

  • The most disturbing types of “difficult” employees
  • Causes of “difficult” employees
  • Ways to handle and avoid them
  • How to nurture positive corporate culture

Dr. Alpha Leung

Bachelor of Arts (HKU, 1988)
Master of Business Administration (PolyU, 1999)
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (CUHK, 2004)
Doctor of Education (EdUHK)

Dr. Leung is a passionate and professional trainer and educator in Commercial English. He has been providing support for frontline employees and managers in the enhancement of business communication in English for the past 20 years. His lectures and seminars utilize cutting edge research in psychology, counselling and business management to help students improve business communication.

Dr. Leung is currently responsible for the management of a team of over 100 professional English instructors. He is highly experienced in spotting problems among students and providing individualized solutions.

Relevant experiences:

  • Speaker, Common Recruitment Examinations Workshop, for Hong Kong Shue Yan University, 2018-present.
  • Speaker, Psychology and Counselling Workshops, for iHRM, 2019–present.
  • Lecturer, Business Communications certificate courses, for HKMA, 2008-2010.
  • Speaker, Neuropsychology and Counselling Workshops, for YMCA, in 2008.
  • Speaker, Neuropsychology and Counselling Workshops, for Hong Kong Playground Association, in 2007.
  • Speaker, Neuropsychology and Counselling Workshops, for HKSKH Lady MacLehose Center, in 2005.
  • Speaker, 2-day Leadership and Communication Skills Workshop, for Cathay Pacific Airways, Guangzhou, in 2004.

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