適合年齡 0-5
語言 English
釘裝 Paperback | 32 pages
尺寸 152 x 229 x 3mm | 64g
印刷 Full Colour
出版社 HarperCollins Publishers Inc
出版地 New York, United States


For the child who says, “I want to be a teacher when I grow up!” And for any child who wants a gentle behind-the-scenes look at being a teacher.

I never knew that there are so many different ways to be a teacher. When my family gets a new puppy, I learn that there are teachers who train dogs, teachers who teach swimming, teachers who teach music-and more!

With this story blending narrative with nonfiction elements, readers meet the wide variety of teachers who do so much to support our communities.

I Want to Be a Teacher is part of a new I Can Read series that introduces young readers to important community helpers. This Level One I Can Read is perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. Whether shared at home or in a classroom, the short sentences, familiar words, and simple concepts of Level One books support success for children eager to start reading on their own.

For anyone looking for books about community helpers for kids, the I Can Read My Community books are a great choice. The books are bright and upbeat and feature characters who are diverse in terms of gender, race, age, and body type. Kids ages 3-6 will enjoy finding out more about the people who do so much to help all of our communities.



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